The evening’s speaker was Art Barter, Owner & CEO of Datron World Communications, and founder of Servant Leadership Institute.
Art Barter holds two bachelor’s degrees in business and finance.  Prior to joining Datron in 1999, he spent eight years working with the Disney Corporation and over 25 years in manufacturing companies. 
In 2004, Art’s world changed dramatically. As vice president of finance within Datron, Art was given an opportunity to purchase the company from the Titan Group.  With little money and a big vision, a miracle happened that allowed Art and Lori Barter to become owners of a $10 million communications company.
Today, with customers in over 80 countries and revenues of over $100m, Datron World Communications is the price-performance leader for tactical military communications equipment, recognized globally for performance, ease of operation, serviceability and low life-cycle cost.
Art says that the transformation took place because of his commitment to turn the organization from traditional boss-at-the-top to a Servant Leadership model.  As CEO, Art sees himself in the important role of cultural architect.
Art says that, based on effectiveness, his communications shifted from phone-calls to email and now to texts and tweets.  His advice: Meet people where they are.
A recent book by Tony Baron, The Art of Servant Leadership, explains Art’s story of success.  He is committed to sharing his story to as many corporate leaders as possible so that they too can move from “good to great to even greater impact” for the sake of others.
Core Values:
  • Our families come first
  • Honor and serve others
  • Conduct ourselves ethically and with integrity
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Uncompromising in our values
Art Barter believes “everyone can be great, because everyone can serve.” It’s more important to move forward than to look behind.
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