Why I joined Rotary - Rick Borg
When it comes to Polio, Rickard “Rick” Borg and his family have been dedicated to the disease’s eradication for 100 years.
As Partner at Carlsbad’s Borg Norris, attorney, mediator & trial lawyer Rick Borg is known as a Lawyer’s Lawyer. We turn to him for help on business issues, as well as discussions about real estate and estate matters.
But it wasn’t business that originally drew Rick to join Rotary, so much as an interest in improving both his immediate community and the world at-large.

“My good friend Bob Nielsen had been asking me to join and I wasn’t particularly interested at the time. My first recollection of Rotary was in the central highlands of Vietnam where I saw a boarded-up building with a sign ‘Rotary Meets Here.’ I connected the two and realized there was a LOT more going on with Rotary than meets the eye, and that Rotary was an international organization dedicated to global work.”

Rotary just made sense for a lawyer from a medical family, but who couldn’t pass chemistry. The Borg family has always sought to assist others. Rick is currently writing a book mixing history and his observations of life in Vietnam before, during and after the war.

Rick’s dad treated many polio victims as a physician. Rick has become a personal supporter of the lepers and orphans of Vietnam.

“My concern for these causes and disaster victims is why I joined Rotary International in 1997…and as far as I’m concerned, this is JUST the beginning as I hope to draw attention to the plight of the less-fortunate people of Vietnam and the world.”