Why I joined Rotary - Brian Crumbaker

Meet Brian Crumbaker: principal of an independent insurance brokerage, Carlsbad Rotarian, and one heck of a nice guy.

Having lived on both coasts, Brian’s spent decades in the insurance and precious metals industries, coming at the business world from a wide variety of directions. Walking through our doors almost two years ago with both an MBA AND a law degree, Brian joined us looking to extend a career that’s helped a lot of people. Originally from Carlsbad, he, his wife Lorrie, and children Kyle, Matthew and Allison are longtime members of St. Patrick Catholic Church in Carlsbad.


Like most of us, Brian originally joined Rotary because he was looking for an opportunity to have an impact in the local community and to work with others with a similar set of values. “I was a Rotary Youth Leadership Award winner as a high school student and had a lot of respect for the organization,” he says. Becoming a part of our international service group thus became a natural step and the perfect way for him to give back within…and beyond…Carlsbad’s borders.


Even through the lockdown and the pandemic, Brian remains positive about Rotary in general and our club in particular. “The camaraderie of the group is inspiring and keeps me involved, even when times are tough like they are today.  We have a fantastic mix of active and retired professionals, all dedicated to having a positive impact in our community.  The entire group is full of genuine and kind people and they are an absolute pleasure to be around…even if it’s just maintaining virtual relationships.”
He adds “At Carlsbad Rotary, we have a winning formula for helping make the world a better place, and we’re not going to let something like a pandemic stop us from trying to reach our goals.”
Brian lives his philosophy every day, finding ways to give to others and typically doing so without public recognition. “I’ve always found it to be more important to help others than to seek applause. For me, doing the right thing is a reward in itself, and I see no benefit to bragging about it or promoting myself.”
Thanks for all you do, Brian. We know you’re not looking for applause, but you should know that everyone in the club is THRILLED to have you as part of the team, and we appreciate your efforts.