Help those suffering in the Ukraine.
We passed the 500-day mark of the war in the Ukraine. The UN noted over 25-thousand civilian casualties since the start of the war; nearly 6-million displaced & another 8 Million who have fled to other countries. The Rotary Foundation & clubs around the world hurried to provide funds, supplies and services to Ukrainians impacted by the war.
Rotary has given over $40 Million to Ukraine efforts since the war began. The Ukrainian District Governor thanked Rotary as we donated funds immediately & continue to help. As of RI Convention, in Ukraine, more than: 50,000 people had been murdered; over 120,000 buildings destroyed & 55,000 square miles mined… over 10 million people became refugees. The Ukraine DG stated, “Without Rotary, we wouldn’t have a Ukraine.” That’s Rotary – People of Action.
Ukraine Response Fund with The Rotary Foundation campaign offers people an opportunity to take action to help those suffering in the Ukraine! Here is an easy link to use to make your dollars go farther: on the Raise for Rotary site. Join us by taking action. Each dollar helps!