Why I joined Rotary - Scott McClatchey
Why would a guy whose management career is littered with successes in industries as diverse as Aerospace, Telecommunications, and Finance, want to spend what little free time he’s got giving out food at a homeless shelter?
It’s a legitimate question in a world where “Me First!” has become the norm. But Scott McClatchey goes out of his way to not fit that mold.
“One of the first things I did after moving to north San Diego County in 2018 was to join the Carlsbad Rotary Club,” he recalls. “My family and I have a pretty good life, and we wanted to give back and help the most vulnerable in our community. I knew Rotary would provide a platform for me to get involved quickly and make a positive impact.”
Understatement of the month. Through his efforts as Community Services Chair (along with the countless other great programs the club initiates and runs in and around Carlsbad), Scott has been positioned to jump in and almost immediately have a positive impact on surrounding neighborhoods and the people who live there…or wish they could.
“I selected Rotary to be part of an organization that helps bridge cultures internationally,” he adds. Given how well-documented Rotary's youth exchanges and peace initiatives are, he knew coming in that his efforts would help others live a better life, while simultaneously laying the groundwork for others to build towards a better tomorrow.
Just what the son of a long-term Rotarian wants to know. “I was already aware of the great opportunities provided for people of every age worldwide by Rotary clubs around the world. To my mind, there’s no greater organization for learning from each other in a positive, structured way.”
Of course, the chance to finally eliminate polio once and for all didn’t hurt either!
So why our club in particular? “It took me one meeting to know this would be my new home,” Scott smiles. “I showed up the night the outgoing president was being feted with a year in review in pictures. Watching photo after photo of the club's members participating in projects and activities, accumulating one good effort atop another to make Carlsbad a better place to live, struck me as the smart move. I mean…doesn’t EVERYONE want the place they live to be the best it could possibly be?”
And what three things keep Scott coming back, week after week?
  • The diversity of projects and people impacted by Carlsbad Rotary’s efforts;
  • Despite any troubles people have, everyone is always smiling and having a good time;
  • Rotarians are completely engaged and emotionally involved in everything they do.
“These people are MY people; regardless of differences in politics or religion, they see the world the same way I do. They’re like-minded, compassionate and caring. Givers, all, who are selfless, but committed to enjoying themselves while doing good things for people in need.”
“That is the way I want to approach community service, and the kind of environment I want my daughter and son to grow up in.”
Service above self. Amen.