Why I joined Rotary - Ray Pearson

Ray Pearson’s not one of those guys who just last week discovered Rotary’s global impact. “I started my Rotary journey in high school. The Rotary Club met at the YMCA I worked at, with many of the Rotarians serving on the board of the Y or otherwise involved in improving the community,” he recalls, adding “And I wanted to be like them.”

So Ray sought out his school’s Rotary-sponsored Interact club, got hooked…and has never looked back. Since Rotary membership allows him to work side-by-side participating on a daily basis in finding ways to make the world a better place, he’s surrounded by likeminded people all dedicated to giving back to the world around them.

“There’s a satisfaction that comes from positively impacting the local community while helping those most in need,” Ray says. His love of being an active force for good in the world around him is what led him to a career in the cable industry, where he’s spent the past 40 years helping spread the word about everything from children’s programming to fashion accessories.

Ray also invests his free time towards the betterment of Carlsbad, putting his energies, network, and personal fortune towards the Carlsbad Charitable Foundation, North Coastal Prevention Coalition, Fire Department Foundation, and running for a range of local elected offices. To get away from it all, he and his surfboard will typically be found searching for that next wave.

This whirlwind of a community activist seems to be all places at once, and everyone seems to want a piece of his time. If you want to catch up with him, though, your best bet is every Thursday evening when he’s making the world a better place through his commitment to Service Above Self at the Carlsbad Rotary Club.

Thanks for all you do, Ray. We have a LOT of respect for all you accomplish every day, and thank you for making Carlsbad a better place to live.