We caught up with Gale Tweedy, one of our newest members, to learn what motivated her to join Rotary International. A state licensed Holistic Health Practitioner/Massage Therapist who has spent her entire life in the Oceanside/Carlsbad corridor, Gale’s bubbly personality and can-do attitude would gladly be welcomed anyplace.  

“My husband Dave has been a member of the Carlsbad Rotary Club since the middle of 2016,” she says. “He was always coming home from meetings talking about the wonderful things the club was doing, and I was a bit envious. Frankly, it seemed like he was having all the fun.”

So Dave started bringing Gale as a guest to club meetings so she feel more involved…and she started making friends in the room. Soon it wasn’t a question of why would she join Rotary, but more accurately, why WOULDN’T she?

“I joined Rotary because I want to make my own difference in the community,” she told us. “And while I’m involved in other areas of north county through my church and other groups I belong to, it’s the international aspect of Rotary that ultimately caught my attention.”

She continues “This is a wonderful organization that helps people most in need, regardless of their geography, religion, race, or political beliefs. They…WE…are there to provide support to the family across the street who lost their home in a fire or the survivors of a flood 8,000 miles away. From polio eradication to education, clean water efforts to fighting sex trafficking, as a group we’re actively working to improve lives around the globe.”

“I love to help people and to find new ways to reach out,” Gale tells us, adding “When you truly believe in an organization’s mission…as I believe in Rotary International’s mission…helping to raise funds or finding a way to lend a hand is the easiest thing you can do, and is easily one of the most fulfilling parts of any day”.

“Joining Rotary has changed my life and improved it in so many ways, big and small. Please come visit us some Thursday evening and see for yourself just what a special group of people this is.”