After years on the corporate side of TV & Radio sales & marketing, and 20 years as head of my own boutique advertising agency, I’ve learned the importance of being a “life learner.” Because of this desire to learn, I found myself attracted to the high-quality level of the speakers at the meetings of the Carlsbad Rotary.

The chance to hear those top-level speakers, week after week, is what convinced me originally to join this club. That, along with the opportunity to meet like-minded people in the community I moved to just two years ago, was important to me in finding and creating new friendships.

From Day 1, my interest in Rotary was all about finding an organization involved in local community outreach with seniors, military, etc. which would provide more right brain balance from the day-to-day media deadlines. I didn’t want to join yet another volunteer group that would assume my only interest was what I do all day long, but would appreciate my interest in expanding my horizons. And though I’ve only been around Rotary International for a few short months, I find the combination of great speakers, new friends and volunteer outreach programs is the perfect blend to make it tick for me.

Rotary…it’s a cool concept, where there’s always something you can do to make the world a little bit better…and where you, yourself, can grow.