Posted on Nov 02, 2017
Scott Carr was the featured speaker. Scott is the 2017-18 Governor for Rotary International District 5340.   He has served in several roles within District 5340, including website chair, public relations chair, District Training Assembly chair, Chief of Staff to District Governor Louise Andres, and Assistant Governor. 
Scott Carr is a marketing and media professional, an accomplished writer and speaker and regularly trains Rotarians on web design, content marketing and social media. He is a resident of Mission Hills with his wife, Heather and their three kids.
Rotary members are leaders in every imaginable profession, including medicine, law, real estate, municipal leadership, education, marketing, and engineering. They are the movers and shakers in every city, town and village, as well as running almost every community-oriented organization, professional society, and business association in the region.
Scott Carr discussed Steve Jobs’, Apple slogan: Think Different.  He asked Why? about everything. Everyone has a Why. Why Rotary? Why are YOU a member of Rotary?
Scott told a touching story of a picnic at the Museum in Balboa Park that was organized for children that have no permanent parents – they keep moving from adoptive parents. One little boy, aged about 8 or 9, stopped and smiled – which Scott will always remember. He says, that what Rotary does and why we do it – to help someone smile.
Scott asks us all to awaken the giant within ourselves. Put your energy and mind to work for what we all do at Rotary.
Rotary members are the movers and shakers everywhere. They deliver what’s needed to make life worth living. Rotary helps provide clean water to parched lands, improve highways, develop harbors, expand transportation facilities, create hospitals, builds colleges, and initiates civic installations. Wherever there’s history being made, the members of Rotary District 5340 are the people who are going to be the people who are making it.
Scot Carr then answered the few questions that followed.
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