Posted on Jun 15, 2017
Tonight's program was presented by the Carlsbad Police and Fire Departments.  We all recognize these brave and dedicated men and women who exemplify outstanding professional achievement and high ethical standards. Their talents are recognized in keeping Carlsbad residents safe, and protecting their homes and businesses.
Detective Scott Stallman was recognized Police Officer of the Year and, on behalf of Rotary of Carlsbad, was awarded a certificate of appreciation for all that he does for his insights and all that he does for Carlsbad.
Next, Carlsbad Rotary recognizes the Carlsbad Fire Department for their dedicated support and contributions to Carlsbad. The Carlsbad Fire Department is an all-risk, all-threat first responder agency, safeguarding lives, property and our environment through 24-hour fire rescue and emergency medical services. The Fire Dept. includes a Fire Prevention Division and Citywide Emergency Preparedness, including the Community Emergency Response Team and Hazard Mitigation programs. Nearly every day the Fire Dept. deploys emergency medical care in the critical first minutes, stabilizing patents and transporting them to the hospital. On behalf of Carlsbad Rotary, a Certificate of Appreciation was awarded.
Most of us here in Carlsbad have a vivid reminder of how our Fire Dept. protected us all on May 14, 2015. That was the day their dramatic contributions helped suppress the Poinsettia fire. That day was a vivid reminder of the raging dangers of such fires and the courage of the firefighters to defend us all against the fast-moving firestorms.
Carlsbad Community hires the best of the best!
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