The Rotary Club of Carlsbad is a leadership organization made up of local business professionals and civic leaders.  We meet regularly, to get to know each other, form friendships and through that we are able to get things done in the Carlsbad, North San Diego County and the International community.
We are proud of the philanthropic work that we do locally in Carlsbad, and we are fortunate to very active members involved in international projects in Mexico, South America and South Africa.
In 2018, our club received the Best Club in the District Award (mid-sized category)!  Come join us and find out why.
If you have any questions about Rotary and/or club membership, we are delighted to meet with you in-person.  Better yet, we would be honored to have you as our guest at one of our dinner meetings.  Please contact our Membership Chair, Mr. Pete Rogers at


The Carlsbad Rotary Club request the donation of used but useable furniture, appliances, kitchenware, electronics, bedding, linens, etc. to young Marine Corps and Navy families at Camp Pendleton.  Your donations will help these families establish and/or upgrade their homes. Your donations will be given directly to those families in need, or warehoused until families are identified as having a need.  Items donated will not be sold and those families receiving item(s) are obligated to return the item(s) given when no longer needed so others can use them.  Mrs. Linda Sundrum, Pendleton Community Service Fund, Camp Pendleton will schedule a pickup date, convenient to you.  Personnel will be provided to move all items.  If you’d like to donate household goods, food or make a cash donation, please go to or email

The Pendleton Community Service Fund is a 501c (3) California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation for charitable and public purposes.  Your donations are tax deductible

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Linda Sundram providing warehouse guidance to the 152 people who lined up starting at 6.30 am on July 26,2019
Club Member Spotlights

As a child I remember watching my mother get prepared to go out for the evening. In her jewelry drawer she always had a dozen white envelopes into which she’d slip a few dollars each for donation to a variety of charities. And each week, without fail, she’d give these envelopes out to help those in our community who were in need. 

WHY I JOINED ROTARY: James “Robby” Robinson

After 20 years in the Marines, I found myself torn between wanting to maintain my relationship with the Corps and a desire to help teenagers in my adopted home of Carlsbad.

I tried public speaking at Camp Pendleton, and that helped fill some of the void in my soul, but it just wasn’t enough.

Every year, the Carlsbad Rotary invites an exchange student to spend a year with us, and arriving at our most recent meeting was Kristyna (Kristy) Fialova, who hails from the village of Jezborice (Population 320), 75 miles east of Prague, in the Czech Republic.



After years on the corporate side of TV & Radio sales & marketing, and 20 years as head of my own boutique advertising agency, I’ve learned the importance of being a “life learner.” Because of this desire to learn, I found myself attracted to the high-quality level of the speakers at the meetings of the Carlsbad Rotary.

The Rotary Club of Carlsbad participates in The Rotary Foundation’s Global Grants. Since 2005, when 17 Rotarians visited South Africa, our Rotary Club has been consistently raising funds and matching them in Partnership with District 5340, The Rotary Foundation and other concerned parties.

Club Presentations/Information
Our plan is very simple: we’re getting out the word about our club, our members, our stories and our service — and keeping it up for years to come. If you ever wanted to see a combination of Madison Avenue savvy, big-time marketing smarts and a plan for bringing every bit of it into our club, Rob’s presentation did the trick. While he is new to our club, he’s not new to Rotary at all: For 14 ½ years, he was at RB Sunrise Rotary, nine of it as their PR chair. Partially through his marketing and PR efforts, the club went from zero media coverage to plenty of it within six months — and raised $156,000 at their big fundraiser in 2018. He also works with future club presidents at PETS every February.
Our youth program champion, District Officer Joe Ramirez, closed Rotary Youth Services Month by welcoming three current and former students participating in the Exchange Student Program and their families. Beforehand, he gave us some insight on the program, which enables students to live, study and learn in other countries: It began in 1929, and now involves about 9,000 students ages 15 to 18 ½ annually from 80 countries – mostly North American and Eurasian nations. Students can either participate in long-term exchange (the entire school year), or short-term (summer program). Joe also cited the more than a dozen Rotary Club of Carlsbad members who have served as host parents, and gave us a very impressive fact: Of the 32 student exchanges that have taken place in District 5340 in the past four years, 10 have involved Rotary Club of Carlsbad – easily the most of any club. Word is out about Carlsbad!
Imagine, in this interconnected time, being a high school junior that goes to a weekend gathering and knows no one – then gets teamed immediately with ten students in the same boat — and adult facilitators and alumni you’ve never seen, either.
Dr. Professor Jeffrey Moses presented his personal story. In 2003, he retired as an active surgeon and founded Smiles International Foundation. This is a national and international organization, which organizes and provides international charitable surgical care for underprivileged children who are afflicted with cleft and craniofacial deformities, allowing excellent optimal growth and development for the children served. 
Air Force signals intelligence veteran and novelist Roger L. Liles gave a great historical presentation of the circumstances and realities of the 49-year occupation of Berlin after World War II. This included the 94-mile Berlin Wall, Berlin Blockade (275,000 relief supply missions, half of which were to drop heating coal) and Berlin Crisis that took us within a gunshot of World War III. He cited numerous great statistics — 200,000 people fled East Germany annually until the wall was closed in 1961; only 30,000 of 105,000 who attempted to flee after that made it to West Germany before the wall came down in 1989. The others spent an average of five years in Stasi prisons, “Which make our worst prisons look like a picnic,” Roger said. During his presentation, he also showed the human impact, including a slide of two small girls, trapped in East Germany the second the wall closed, waving to their grandparents in West Germany. The separation would last 28 years.

Rotary Club of Carlsbad


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