Ray Pearson introduced the Rotary District Speech Contest. Carlsbad Rotary has provided this platform for the debate teams for several years. Winners are from the District-wide competition and the sub-regional and regional level.  These high school kids always do great presentations.
Rules: Each presenter will speak on how the Rotary 4-way test affects special times in one life. Each speech was required to be at least 5 minutes and no longer than 7 minutes. The 5 speakers were initially introduced as A, B, C, D and E while 3 judges (initially anonymous) were in the audience.
Speaker A spoke about heroes and villains in video games and how they related to life. Speaker B talked about women’s roles in life; in America today, women earn on average only about 80% of what men are paid in most occupations. Speaker C talked about the San Bernardino terrorists and how cell-phone privacy mattered. Speaker D discussed school discipline and students spending time on their cellphones. Speaker E spoke about the Adulting Club among the speech students at her school; she is founder and President.
While awaiting the judges’ deliberations, the 5 debate participants introduced themselves.
A: Tim Foster – Likes playing soccer. Awaiting admittance from UCLA and John Hopkins; would like to be a doctor, so wants to enroll in med-school. Would like to spend 2 years as a missionary.
B: Karime Laborin – Plays tennis; enjoys speech activities. Has a few college acceptances and will decide soon. Wants to be involved with public health policies.
C: Dulce Perez – At Hoover HS. Awaiting acceptance by either UC Davis or Duke. Aims to be an attorney.
D: Angela Worth – Likes swimming; loves animals, horses, dogs, rabbits; wants to be a veterinarian.
E: Alyssa Maloney – Turned 18 yesterday! Happy birthday! Wants to be a history teacher. Awaiting acceptance at UC Irvine.
The incognito debate-contest judges were Jeff Schafer, Dave Saviage and Lisa Giacomini. Timer: Joe Ramirez.
Ray Pearson mentioned that all the contestants are winners. Ray admitted that announcing the ranking is one of the things he doesn’t really enjoy, because ALL the contestants are very talented!
Speech Contest Winners:
  1. Alyssa Maloney
  2. Karime Laborin
  3. Dulce Perez
  4. Tim Foster
  5. Angela Worth
The winners lined up for photographs and congratulations.
Four-Way Test Speech District Contest Finals: