Posted on Aug 09, 2018
Sal Mariscal, cancer survivor happily announced that he was cured by Proton Therapy. This is Sal’s interesting story.  The average lifespan in 1900 was about 46 years. Today, we are all living longer, which is why we have what used to be rare diseases.
If you have been diagnosed for the first time, or are facing recurrent cancer, proton therapy may be your best option as one of the world’s safest and most effective treatments. This is a much less invasive alternative, recommended for numerous types of cancers that historically have been treated through traditional approaches such as surgery, chemotherapy and X-ray radiation.
Precisely delivered within 2 millimeters, the intensity-modulated pencil beam scanning technology, offered in five treatment rooms, releases a high dose of cancer-killing radiation that conforms precisely to the unique shape and size of the tumor. This highly targeted technology attacks the tumor with laser-like precision, while sparing surrounding healthy tissues and organs.
Located in San Diego, California Protons Cancer Therapy Center has more than 50 years of combined proton experience. Their world-renowned doctors leverage revolutionary cancer-fighting treatments and tools to treat both common and very rare cancers.
Sal Mariscal’s treatment was in 28 sessions over 26 weeks. At 75, he is now completely cured. Sal’s advice: Go for the YES!” Believe in yourself and go for what you think is right!
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