Posted on Apr 11, 2019
Prior to forming LVDI International, Dr. Andy Phillips was the Deputy and Acting Director of Research and Conservation at San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, which was previously Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species. Dr. Phillips was responsible for developing and administering numerous field conservation and research programs in Africa, Central and South America, Australasia, and Asia. Before retiring early to pursue his passion for conservation education, Dr. Phillips established the Institute’s Conservation Education Laboratory.
Dr. Chia Tan, also known as the “Asian Jane Goodall”, is a world-renowned primatologist specializing in the behavior, ecology and conservation of endangered lemurs and monkeys. Over the past two decades she has been dedicated to enhancing the knowledge and protection of wildlife in Madagascar and Asia. She regularly travels around the world to raise awareness and inspire action to conserve nature. She currently serves as an adjunct professor in the Department of Anthropology at San Diego State University.  
LVDI International is a public charity, registered in the State of California, USA, with headquarters based in San Marcos.
The LVDI motto encapsulates their ideals: “Empower People! Save Wildlife!” LVDI is dedicated to conserving Earth’s biodiversity. Their mission is to inspire and empower people to protect nature; their vision is a healthy planet where people are responsible stewards of our natural resources.
To achieve meaningful, lasting outcomes, LVDI adopts an integrated approach to conservation by combining education with community development and scientific studies. They employ strategies that provide win-win solutions for the people and the wildlife that share the same habitats. They are engaged in multiple projects worldwide. They rely on a team of international partners and supporters to achieve their objectives.
Currently, Dr. Phillips and Dr. Tan are using their talents to help Madagascar. From depressed poverty (breaking stones for a living) the women are now making attractive dolls, each one different, which sell for $ 5 each – a big improvement on their earning power.
Please visit LVDI’s website to explore their work and featured project, which include lots of beautiful pictures.
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