Posted on Oct 18, 2018
Frank Silva introduced Sean Haggerty. Sean served for 11 years as a Navy SEAL, traveling to 13 countries across three continents. Over a span of 15 months, Sean participated in 116 operations to support Operation Iraqi Freedom. After his deployments Sean returned to be a SEAL instructor where he instructed and trained 1,023 students through mentally and physically demanding training. He also organized 503 employees for 660 hours of training and led 650 training events, and was awarded Instructor of the year in 2012.
Today, Sean is studying to get his MBA and open his own brewery.
Sean Haggerty talked about SILVA: Self-control; Work Ethic; Leadership; Visualization; Adaptability. For self-control, Navy SEALs must go through Hell Week & Mental extremes -  3 minutes without Air; 3 days without water/sleep; 3 weeks without food. He discussed several lessons from this training.
The work ethic is insane.  Sean discussed the voices in his head to keep pushing. In actual combat, the Priorities dictate physical and mental limits. With Leadership, Humility Opens all Doors. Connection makes a team unbeatable. He talked about the Whole Man concept: Physical courage; Moral integrity; Humility; Creativity; Teamability; Resiliency. Do Not Quit – there is always a way. Fear & Laziness bring Shame & Dishonor.
Many web links to story and background of Sean Haggerty. Here’s a start: