Posted on Dec 07, 2017
This was the annual Rotary Christmas party for children, our enjoyable annual event! 
Julie Norby welcomed all the children and their guests. After some suspense that he was delayed because of fire and smoke along his route to Carlsbad, Santa David Brahms arrived. He always makes a point of going around to say hello and embrace each and every one of the visiting children.  As the children got increasingly excited, the toys were organized and arranged up by Santa helper Kathy Kailikole. One by one, each child was named and received their personal toys directly from Santa Brahms, hugged and sitting on his ample lap. They were free to feel and tug on his magnificent beard.
The ceremony continued for some time, and everyone enjoyed the expectations and excited happiness of each of the children.
Following the gift-giving ceremonies, there was ample time to take pictures with Santa Brahms, before he continued on his long journeys to delivery toys to other deserving children.