Why I joined Rotary - Jim Pinto

Jim Pinto joined Rotary 10 years ago today. He was 73, looking to build new friendships and regular relationships, and hoping to expand his knowledge through the generally interesting and informative topics discussed each week.

He’s gotten all that…and MUCH more.

First he was persuaded to write the weekly notes about each week’s meeting. “It was a great seven years, because it guaranteed me a chance to meet everyone in the club and see what made them tick,” he smiles.

Jim smiles a lot, both because he’s a genuinely happy man and also because he enjoys the warm and friendly greetings always forthcoming from other Rotarians. But of the dozens of Rotarians who’ve met Jim at our weekly meetings, how many of us know:

· Action Instruments, a company he founded, was featured in INC. magazine as "A workplace that employees love”. Or that he was on the cover of Industry Week magazine?

· He was once named California’s Business Person of the Year

· He loves to travel through the Canadian Rockies and America’s National Parks

Now a youthful 83, Jim has morphed his interest in industrial automation into an ongoing fascination into technology futures and social trends. In his free time, he likes walking the beach with his other half, Deborah.

If you want to catch up with him, though, your best bet is every Thursday evening, where’s he’s one of the most consistent attendees. Jim’s commitment to making the world a better place through his commitment to Service Above Self at the Carlsbad Rotary Club is truly admirable.

And despite the problems we’ve all had this year, Jim’s smile remains a beacon of hope “The Zoom meetings are nice, but I think most Rotarians would prefer to go back to ‘normal’”, he says.

We agree!

Thanks for all you do, Jim. You’re a good guy, a great Rotarian, and we’re thrilled to have you as a member of the Carlsbad club, helping to make Carlsbad – and the world at large - a better place to live.