Posted on Aug 02, 2018
Debbie Fountain and Marie Jones-Kirk from the City of Carlsbad spoke about homelessness in Carlsbad.  The Carlsbad City Council has adopted a Homeless Response Plan, which is being led by the city's Housing & Neighborhood Services Department.
According to the annual count of homeless released in April 2017, Carlsbad has 160 people considered homeless; in 2016, the total number was 108. This refers to people living in their cars, self-made shelters and emergency shelters. See the website chart comparing Carlsbad to other cities in this region.
The reasons for homelessness are complex and varied, but it is generally agreed that the 2008 recession is a major reason for the recent increase. Many people lost their homes during the recession, which caused the demand for rental housing to skyrocket, thus driving up rents. This made it even harder for people with past evictions, low credit scores and limited cash to find housing.  There have also been recent changes in the law that lessen the sentences for certain crimes, resulting in tens of thousands of people statewide released from prisons and probation terms earlier than in the past.
The City of Carlsbad wants to provide the best quality of life for all who live here. Helping those living without permanent, adequate shelter, access support and resources improves their lives and the quality of life in the greater community.
There were several good questions from an active and engaged audience.  Mayor Matt Hall participated actively and joined in the further discussions.
Website: Homelessness in Carlsbad: