Posted on Jul 26, 2018
Kelly Luisi and her spouse Rich, are the founders of Homeless Veterans of San Diego.  Did you know that 9,116 people sleep homeless in San Diego each night? It is the mission of HVSD to put an end to the epidemic of homelessness among our veterans. No one that has served our country should have to sleep along side of freeways, in downtown doorways, under bridges, in tents on busy city streets, or in brush in canyons and parks.
The goal of the organization is mentoring, and a “hand up” approach that our homeless veterans will finally realize the peace of having their own home. HVSD’s advocacy will help veterans with each step of turning their lives in a positive direction.
Kelly showed movies with profiles of Homeless Veterans: Michael, Steven, Joshua, Gianna and pictures of several more.  Some of us recognized Ron Lamb, a homeless veteran who is now a regular volunteer at Brother Bennos. This was indeed moving and everyone present was touched.
There are many small, miscellaneous expenses that go into helping a homeless veteran get off the street. Your donations to HVSD go directly to assist veterans in the advocacy program and provide them with various tools and resources they need to succeed off the streets. The program is proving to be very effective. It has been proven that serving these homeless veterans on a very individualized basis, building trust and relationships, providing not only resources but assisting the veterans through the process of reaching the right services and providing a full circle approach to bring them out of their current situation and into housing, job placement, receiving their VA benefits, rehabilitation assistance, mentoring through the process of getting into housing and normal life after living in the culture of homelessness.
You too can help – volunteer, hire a veteran, donate through the HVSD website.
There were several good questions from the engaged audience. 
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