We held our meeting at the Carlsbad Safety Training Center.  We had a great turnout to have the chance to visit this wonderful new facility within our community.  This facility is not only used by Carlsbad's police and fire departments, but also any other safety organization that wants to train in a first-class facility.
The Fire Chief gave us a brief overview of the responsibilities of the Carlsbad Fire Department whose job, in his words is, “To protect lives, property and the community.”  He explained that the first responsibility is PREVENTION.  The CFD works to prevent emergencies.  They are responsible for checking fire detectors and extinguishers in the community, doing education with the community and business owners.  Secondly, is PREPARATION.  This includes emergency preparedness whether that is fire, earthquake, or other man-made or natural disaster. 
The firefighters, police officers and EMS put in thousands of hours of training to prepare for emergencies of any kind in our community including cyber security.  Lastly, the have a responsibility to RESPOND.  The Chief mentioned that last year there were over 12,500 calls for help to 911. And the Chief of the Carlsbad Police Department stated that they got over 90,000 calls and that is in a community where our crime rate is less than the county average.  He also mentioned that the response times of our CPD and CFD are shorter than county averages. 
After this brief presentation we were able to take a tour of the Safety Training Center! The tour started with the rifle range and pistol range!  After we all walked over what seemed like human fly paper that you really had to experience to understand what I mean.
The firing range was amazing and equipped with lighting and materials to construct almost any time of day and any kind of situation.  They also have one of the only 100 yd. rifle ranges in the country that is indoors.  It was amazing. 
After the firing range we went out onto the street scene where they can create any kind of industrial setting situation for rescue and fire.  Some went through the fire tower but those of us that are claustrophobic stayed in the air……  We got to see the car they can set on fire and put out and the cars they use to practice jaws of life rescues.  There is also an underground area (which, luckily, we didn’t have to go into) for small confinement rescue training.  It was like being on a movie set!
We wrapped up the night by getting to see their Command Central.  It was, again, like a scene from a movie.  Multiple screens with computer data, camera footage from live cameras and programs that help them oversee the safety of the entire community.  We got a brief presentation on what they do from command central and how all of their communication processes work. 
It was truly a night to remember.  It is no wonder that our CFD and CPD are so well trained and so prepared to protect us no matter what the need.  They expressed many thanks to the citizens of Carlsbad for the money to build this amazing training facility.  It is definitely something we should all be proud of.