Glen Van Peski, Director of Community and Economic Development at the City Of Carlsbad was our guest speaker. He oversees the Planning, Engineering, Building, Development Services, Housing and Neighborhood Services, Code Compliance and Economic Development divisions.   Glen lives in Carlsbad with his wife Francie, and they have 2 grown sons.
Glen graduated Summa cum laude from Cal State Northridge with a degree in Engineering, and an MBA from National University. Glen is responsible for management of Planning, Engineering and Development services for the City of Carlsbad. He has worked for Carlsbad for 18 years, first as a Consultant and then in a variety of roles as a professional engineer and licensed surveyor. He combines his engineering talents and a passion for backpacking by starting Gossamer Gear, making ultra light backpacking gear.
Glen presented photographs and plans and for several buildings around the City of Carlsbad, and Carlsbad Village, the showpiece center of, many of which Carlsbad residents are familiar. He also discussed several significant residential and business development projects for the next few years. Most Carlsbad Rotary members live and work in Carlsbad, so there was close attention.
City of Carlsbad Development Reports: