Posted on Jan 25, 2018
Kevin Crawford, Carlsbad City Manager, gave tonight's presentation. The city manager’s role is to implement the policies adopted by the City Council by managing the city’s daily operations and leading our staff. The city manager also provides leadership for all city programs. He is effectively CEO of the City of Carlsbad.
Kevin Crawford was a Carlsbad city employee for nearly 30 years — including 12 years as fire chief and several months as interim city manager — before leaving in 2014 to become the head of United Way of San Diego. He became Carlsbad City Manager in 2016.
The City of Carlsbad has 685 full time and 179 part-time employees. The fiscal year 2017-18 budget is over $ 300 million, with cash reserves of about $70 million.  The City has 1000+ employees, with a large cadre of volunteers.
Kevin announced that a Scott Chadwick was recently hired as chief operations officer, a position that oversees the city’s day-to-day administrative functions. Chadwick has served as chief operating officer for the City of San Diego since 2013, gaining national recognition for using technology to improve service, increase transparency and boost community engagement.
Kevin Crawford answered questions on a wide range of topics: He noted that Technology get a lot of attention. Open space is at 38% (plan 40%), though population density is increasing.