Posted on Jan 31, 2019
Jeff Schafer introduced Ken Kebow and Anastasia Kurlich, speakers for the evening.
Anastasia’s journey living as a “PTSD” child began on June 7, 1968. She was 7 years old and her beloved Daddy was killed-in-action in Vietnam. She chose to freeze her breath, disassociate from her body, and live a black and white life devoid of any color. The abundant days filled with innocence, laughter and joy flowing in their home came to an abrupt end in one tragic moment. 
Anastasia was raised in an era that was silent about the war, encouraged by her mother to “be strong and not cry” – a Gold Star child. She had a sensitive and shy temperament and it was easy to simply blend into the background of life.  
September 5th, 1991, the unconscious milestone of surpassing my dad in age by one year, it was as if some inner light suddenly clicked on.  Time to begin living.  Leaving behind a grey muted robotic existence she began earnestly searching for color. She I learned how to breathe correctly and began to learn and understand in her own body. This helped to unwind years of tension, and to actually begin to feel joy and enthusiasm! 
Today, Anastasia is helping people return to their deep hearts. This is the ultimate freedom: to engage the totality of your being and live life fully embodied. Through retreats and personal sessions, her approach is an intuitive dance that empowers others to reclaim their essential self and innate joy, beauty, and wisdom as well as their unique creative purpose.
Anastasia’s work is available to all regardless of background. She offers it specifically to those forgotten ones affected by Vietnam and more recent wars. As a Gold Star child, she has a special understanding and compassion for other Gold Star family members and participates in their journey into healing. 
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