Our second speaker for the evening, Aaron Linsdau, has an energetic, captivating, and motivating speaking style. He holds the world record for the longest expedition to the South Pole, the second only American to complete this trek alone. He inspires people and organizations to become tougher than nails, build grit, and achieve the seemingly impossible.
Denali, formerly known as Mt. McKinley, is the tallest mountain in North America. The peak is at 20,310 ft. above sea level. Every year, climbers from around the world converge for the May-July climbing season in hopes of reaching this sub-arctic peak. It also has the greatest vertical relief of any mountain above sea level on Earth, 18,000 ft. The vertical relief is much greater than Mt. Everest.
Climbing North America’s tallest mountain is arduous at best, brutal at worst. Training, weather, and accidents are the primary reasons why people fail to reach the summit. Even the best trained are sometimes turned back. The 20,322 ft. peak is notorious for bad weather. It is common for expeditions to be tent bound for days at a time. Only 50% of people succeed in climbing Denali - some even say this peak is tougher than Everest.
Normal climbing days on Denali are 8-12 hours. Aaron will carry a 50-pound pack and tow another 100 pounds. The cold weather gear is similar to Antarctica, in addition to high altitude climbing equipment. Normally, the summit-climb takes as little as 14 days; if weather is challenging, it may take 21 days or more.
Aaron showed pictures of his first Denail attempt (in 2016) – he had to turn back because of bad weather.
Aaron is raising sponsorship for a North Pole expedition in Spring 2017. Read his book, Antarctic Tears, to experience what Antarctica, the other polar region, is really like.
     Aaron Linsdau Motivational Speaker: http://www.ncexped.com/