Every year, the Carlsbad Rotary invites an exchange student to spend a year with us, and arriving at our most recent meeting was Kristyna (Kristy) Fialova, who hails from the village of Jezborice (Population 320), 75 miles east of Prague, in the Czech Republic.

Kristy shared with us how anxious she’s been to get out of Jezborice, and that she spends much of her time in larger nearby cities. For years she’s dreamed of living in the US, and she’s VERY excited to be attending Carlsbad High School during her exchange year. She’s enrolled as a senior, affording her opportunities to experience the varied social activities which many American students take for granted.

Kristy’s the only child in a family of learned parents (father is a chemist; mother’s a nurse.) Kristy enjoys singing, swimming, and learning about new cultures, and would LOVE to say hello to you at our next club meeting or event.